Escape room "LAB RAT"

Company: Solve and Unlock

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
(07) 3172 5517 3 Zamia Street, Sunnybank, Brisbane, QLD, 4109
You've been given a special chance to visit Ampersand Labs! Explore the new facility and discover the amazing science. Learn about their work in human behaviour and take part in their new study! During the tour you noticed that something was not quite right... suddenly the doors lock and you are trapped!

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Reviews of escape game "LAB RAT"

  • Great. Would recommend this to groups and i would even being back work for team building.


  • Loved it. So much fun. Great team work! Can't wait to do the other rooms. Did Lab Rat today.


  • Our experience at Solve and Unlock was excellent. We did the Lab Rat escape room, and think that it is a very good introductory room - especially for anyone who might be new to the escape room concept. Staff were both friendly and helpful, and we appreciated that instructions given were clear (especially in regards to how to use the different types of locks found within the room). Thank you for such a positive experience; we will be back to try out other rooms of yours in the future!