Escape room "Sherlock 2: London Case"

Company: Mystic Clue

90 min.
Average Rating: 4.5 (2 reviews)
(08) 6113 1409 Unit 7/ 1451 Albany Highway Cannington, Western Australia 6107
Although being world's NO. 1 detective, Sherlock Holmes seems to be in trouble this time.,One day, he receives an unexpected letter with information about a massive explosion to take place in London from a mysterious benefactor. Once again, Sherlock needs to save his city from peril.

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Reviews of escape game "Sherlock 2: London Case"

  • We tried the Sherlock room as a group of 4 and loved the room mechanisms and puzzles. The room however seemed to be a bit dated and not much effort in maintainance. Only one torch given to players in the other room, broken glass on floor, exposed ceilings, wires and shoddy paint job. Despite this, we can't wait to try the Bat room!

    Charlene Ellison

  • Excellent puzzles and really thought provoking! Much better puzzles than other room escapes we've done. Can't wait for you to launch new rooms!

    Nikki Lindeijer