Escape room "Endless Dream"

Company: Orz Escape

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
03 9650 5023 Level 3, 180 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000 We are located corner Bourke and Russell street, above Hungry Jack's. Our entrance is on Bourke street (next to Hungry Jack's). Please proceed to 3rd floor via elevator. Public transport: Hop on tram 86, 95 or 96 and hop off at stop #7
You are having a weird same dream every night. Can you ever run away from this torture?

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Reviews of escape game "Endless Dream"

  • This was really fun. The receptionist explained everything quite clearly, the puzzles were the ri...


  • Testers' feedback: We were the testers of the game room "Endless Dream". Three of us have never played any similar game before and just roughly have some idea what an escape room is. But now I can tell it is an ADDICTIVE GAME and everybody should love it!! It is because of three reasons: the creators put lots of interesting ideas in the story, the game was challenging and the game gave us huge satisfaction. The setting in the game room, such as the props and background music did really match the story, it's like three of us were in a scary nightmare!! I believe that the creator did put lots of effort to create the story, it contains lots of interesting details and it was very realistic, for myself I definitely enjoyed it. Also the game was quite challenging for us and luckily one of us was good at calculating, another one was good at reading and me good at doing nothing . It basically needs different kind of people in your team so you can solve different types of problems at each stage. It is challenging but at the same time it definitely gives you more satisfaction after you escaped from the room with your TEAM. We had a great time and were very excited about this game!!! As I mentioned at the start this is a very addictive game for me and 100% would come back again!!! Thank you ORZ!

    Rhys Pang