Escape room "Insane Asylum"

Company: Labyrinth Escape Rooms

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
+61 448 615 195 Suite 3/85-93 Victoria Road, Parramatta, NSW 2150 Australia
Rumour has it that there was a man who miraculously broke free from his locked cell years ago, never to be seen again. On the cusp of the seventieth year since the man broke free, strange things have been happening inside the hospital’s walls. Doctors have called in your team of medical experts in a desperate plea to solve the mystery case of the missing patient.

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Reviews of escape game "Insane Asylum"

  • I have been to both the escape rooms at Labyrinth and I have to say that they were both excellent. Much thought has gone into the rooms and the props and ambience are of great quality. The hosts are extremely friendly and so far have been the only escape room to give us a step by step walk through following the escape with feedback for individuals. I am waiting for their 3rd escape room to open! If you are looking for something fun and different, then this is the place for it.


  • One of the best Escape rooms I've been to so far! With four other friends, 3 of them being new to escape rooms, decided to try the Insane Asylum as the story sounded more unique to the ones I've been to. The theme of the room really suited and I loved the handmade puzzles!! I don't see much of that so I really appreciated the hard work that is put into this particular room. This escape room does not use any intercoms or walk talkies to get clues, just say it out loud and they will give you hints in a creative way relating to the room. We finished the room with about 20 minutes left. I love how she took us to each room and told us what we were doing in each room. It was nice to reflect on our experience since we are just trying to finish all the puzzles as quick as we can to escape. She thought it was funny that I was happy there was batteries in the torch :). Most of the escape rooms I've been to requires to build the torch and sometimes doesn't even work. It is one of those escape rooms you want to keep talking about afterwards and encourage everyone else to go to. Add this to your to do list!

    Jessica B

  • I did their Insane Asylum room with a few friends. Staff were friendly and passionate about escape rooms. The room had great atmosphere and the puzzle design in itself was immersive and challenging. Really made you feel like you were the one going insane. So many toothbrushes!!! Definitely will come back for their other rooms.

    Chamara K