Escape room "Mad Scientist"

Company: Labyrinth Escape Rooms

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
+61 448 615 195 Suite 3/85-93 Victoria Road, Parramatta, NSW 2150 Australia
A crazed scientist is on the run! As watchmen track his path, you and your team are to go back to his lab to find his secret chemical concoction. Nothing’s for certain; but we’re told this liquid substance has the power to rewind human ageing – for good! The clock is ticking to outsmart the mad scientist before it’s too late!

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Reviews of escape game "Mad Scientist"

  • I would definitely recommend the Mad Scientist Escape room. It was very creative and full of exciting and unexpected puzzles.The 4 of us managed to get out with 13 minutes to spare! Everyone really enjoyed themselves - for some in my group, this was their first escape room. The hosts were lovely and very enthusiastic. Looking forward to trying the new themes!


  • Completed two themes back to back with mates today, definitely one of the best in Sydney, would definitely come back for the third new theme.


  • One of my favourite (ok, maybe my actual favourite) escape room in Sydney. The owners are incredibly passionate about what they do and it really shows when you play one of their rooms. Both Insane Asylum and Mad Scientist rooms are so well designed and put together. Their rooms tend to be more on the low tech end but you'll have heaps of fun regardless. They have the best comms system I've ever experienced, it might not seem like an important thing but it makes a huge difference to the overall experience. Highly recommended!