Escape room "Ghost Bomber. The Unsolved Crime Mystery"

Company: Break the Code Plus

90 min.
Average Rating: 3.5 (2 reviews)
+61289577640 Level 1, 741 George Street Haymarket, NSW 2000, Australia.
Aspired game elements by Amazing Race, Running Man & Crime Investigation. OUTING ACTIVITIES. A serial bomber is on the loose for a long time and aims to kill innocent lives at all spots at major cities in Malaysia. Many feared of his activity, causing panic among civilians and is a national threat to the country. The identity of the bomber remains unknown and the authorities are in the search for the notorious Ghost Bomber. However all effort remains fruitless and the Ghost Bomber remains at large. The Ghost Bomber loves leaving trails of riddles for detectives to trail. Recent news confirmed that the Ghost Bomber will be planting a bomb in George St, NSW. Your tasks are to locate the bomb, diffuse it BEFORE it explodes and identify the suspects. You have 90 MINUTES to solve the case.

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Reviews of escape game "Ghost Bomber. The Unsolved Crime Mystery"

  • Never been to an Escape Room before this one but loved every minute! Really entertaining and had me thinking on my feet. My new favourite thing! Thanks guys!

    Rhys P

  • I was very much looking forward to this escape room but the experience overall was just okay and could definitely be improved. We opted for the outdoor version of Ghost Bomber (goal was to diffuse a bomb), which involved quite an amount of walking through Chinatown and probably wasn't the most ideal option on a busy Friday night. That aside, the first puzzle we had to solve had an incorrect code so we spent almost half an hour standing on a side street trying to figure out the answer. One would expect the staff to have done the necessary checks prior to starting the game. At the end of the game, we took a group photo and asked if we were able to have a copy each (there were 7 of us). First photo was free but each one after was $3. To be fair the photo would probably cost them much less than that to print, and given that we have already paid $45 per person (which is probably the priciest escape room in Sydney), one could expect to have the photo as souvenir, which really isn't that much to ask for. From the business' perspective, what is the cost of a photo compared to customer satisfaction and retention? The staff declined our request and advised that what we paid for was for the experience during the game. In my opinion, I think customer experience should extend to post game as well, and it's usually the little touches that make or break a business. Overall, the puzzles lacked a fluid progression to them and missing the intellectual stimulation one would expect from this experience. I have tried other escape rooms such as the Escapism at King St Wharf and it was definitely a lot more fun and challenging. Given the range of escape rooms available in Sydney, Break The Code probably wouldn't be at the top of my list when recommending to others.