Escape room "Lost. Survivors of the Crash"

Company: Break the Code PlusS

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
+61289577640 Level 1, 741 George Street Haymarket, NSW 2000, Australia.
You and your comrades ventured into the Amazon to execute a special mission. Your pilot loses conscious after being poisoned by a rare flower during the journey back home. The plane crashed deep into the jungle leaving you clueless about the location. Your task is to retrieve the black box and return to civilization.

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Reviews of escape game "Lost. Survivors of the Crash"

  • Was so much fun and such a great night out! Was so good to experience something different and the game itseld was challenging enough whilst still having a lot of fun!!!! Great work guys! Epic Room!


  • One of the best escape room that I've tried in Sydney. There are a range of difficulties to choose (6 rooms in total), each with unique setup. Staffs are friendly and they really make your time comfortable. Hints will be given nicely when requested so no need to get in panic. Highly recommend the "Lost" room, the whole theme is great and the puzzles are interesting to solve, except one password for a chest doesn't make much sense...