Escape room "Dexter"

Company: Clock-Locked

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (2 reviews)
+61 2 9212 4947 Suite 101 Level 5 330 Wattle St, Ultimo, NSW 2007
It's a room, a LIVE INTERACTIVE GAME in Sydney where you can have the greatest adventure of your life without any harm or injury. At Clock-Locked the stake is high, the time is running out and the heart is beating fast! You and your mates (3-5 people) are going to be LOCKED in a room and you have to find a "KEY" which will take you closer to salvation.

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Reviews of escape game "Dexter"

  • I have done a couple of these escape type room events. This one was different but fun in it's own way. The theme was interesting but didn't add much to the overall experience. I visited with a group of 4, we did the Dexter room. The focus was on puzzles and solving puzzles which was great but there were a couple of things which I think would make it even better. Before we entered, the hostess gave away that we had to solve 15 puzzles in total and that it was only a 1 room game. Sometimes the additional mystery of not knowing what to expect makes it even more fun. There was little to engage other senses (e.g. dim lighting, scary background music). It felt like we were literally in an office, with a locked door and puzzles to solve. Don't get me wrong, it was still a highly engaging and fun way to spend an hour but it's the little things that could have been done better to get this to 5/5.

    Luke P

  • Went here with a few friends and tried the Dexter room. We've previously tried other escape rooms but none of the Clocklocked ones. It was of medium difficulty. We asked for our first clue halfway in. The puzzles require a lot of thinking and you need to be very detailed. The room is very small so only fits a maximum of 5 people. The staff are really nice and friendly. It is a fair walk from Town Hall station so best to drive/cab it there at night. We will go back to try the other escape rooms. There's a bathroom in the building. Also bring water.

    Stephanie N