Escape room "The Body Shop"

Company: NOEWAYOUT Sydney

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (3 reviews)
(+61) 452 206 287 Suite 2/57 Denison Street Camperdown, 2050 NSW
Experience the unexperienced. ONEWAYOUT presents "The Body Shop", Sydney's most-anticipated real-life escape room. You will find yourself trapped inside the horrid reality of a global organ harvesting operation. You will need to investigate all methods of escape and make use of objects inside the room, in a 60-minute adrenaline fueled adventure. ONEWAYOUT delivers a fully-immersive, authentic atmosphere, with captivating storytelling and unmatched realism to create an experience worth trying.

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Reviews of escape game "The Body Shop"

  • Hi all My team of 4 escaped from The Body Shop this past weekend. We had lots of fun. The owner of NoWayOut has been plagued by technical issues since he opened, but everything now seems to be back on track. They have a good mix of low tech and high tech puzzles, as well as some creative puzzles we hadn't come across before (in the 16 other rooms my group has tried to date). I think this is a really good room for beginners and experts alike. With a few tweaks, I think this room has the potential to be a truly excellent room.


  • I had a really great time at NOWAYOUT! This was my 4th escape room I have tried in Sydney and I was really impressed with the range of puzzles which I found to be quite imaginative. THEME - Compared to other rooms there was no real 'intro' that set up story to the room. Once inside you kind of discover what the theme is but I felt this area could of been stronger. I would of rated full stars if the story had a little more context as to what you were doing in the room. LOCATION - Yes this place is hard to find, but only if you do not walk around to the side of the building and have a good look. The location is somewhat creepy but that adds to the whole experience! Loved it. CUSTOMER SERVICE - The host was amazing. Great guy. He was super friendly and was happy to talk to us and answer questions after we escaped. We got to exchange some good yarns and he was very open to hearing feedback and improving the experience. BAD REVIEWS - This place has had some bad reviews but I believe that this is a new business and is still ironing out the kinks. One of the items in the room had been previously broken by another team but they had done their best to repair - so it is believable that some bad luck had fallen them in early days. Other places have told us of previous customers who rip out electrical sockets searching for clues.... so things can and will break. OVERALL - I really enjoyed this room. The puzzles were of a quality I hadn't seen before and I thought it gave a good challenge that felt very rewarding when you connected the dots. Would definitely recommend.


  • They clearly had some teething technical problems upon launch but our experience went very smoothly. I have now done 13 Escape Rooms and found this experience to be fun & worth doing. The puzzles were quite clever and they flowed in a good order. It’s one of the smaller escape rooms I have done & think 1-2 more puzzles would benefit everyone. That being said, I did it with 4 people in total and we were mostly busy throughout. The owners are engaging & clearly enjoy their work. I always like it when they explain everything afterwards too. Only gripe is they should probably build on the atmosphere/theme/plot more to make it a little immersive. Overall, worth experiencing.

    Andy A