Escape room "Abandoned Military Bunker on The Rocks"

Company: PanIQ Room

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
0414 468 430 40 Gloucester St The Rocks NSW 2000 (entry Cambridge St)
Your mission as a member of an investigating team: A BUNKER! Get into a military bunker on the Rocks, where you need to find confidential documents for the government. The red file, the target of your mission, contains irreplaceable confidential data. It turns out however, that the place is a trap. The door locks as soon as you enter and there is no way out. It takes several hours for the rescue team to get there, but you cannot wait that long, as you find a bomb and time is ticking fast! You have only 60 minutes left!

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Reviews of escape game "Abandoned Military Bunker on The Rocks"

  • Hard to find but totally worth it. The couple that run it are great, and Supercell 117 and the Bunker were both great rooms. We passed one with about 10 seconds to spare, and the other with a few minutes, so both close calls. We enjoyed Supercell so much we had to do the Bunker the same afternoon!

    Christie Buttigieg

  • I loved the experience it is such a great mind puzzle, highly recommend this place.

    Kathryn Graham

  • One of the best experiences I've had in my life from the booking process to the day! Lovely owners and absolutely nothing negative can be said, I'm sad that there is only two other rooms to experience as it was so good. It is a lot better then any other escape room experience I've had!

    Esjay Bishop