Escape room "Passage no. 9"

Company: Parapark

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
041 560 5734 2 / 119 Wicks Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Passage no. 9 – where paranormal is just normal Recommended for beginers & advenced players as well. The people living in the city have been whispering about the inexplicable phenomenon’s circulating around the old abandoned building. They say that sometimes people hear strange sounds coming from beyond the walls. Long ago, a conjuration of spirits went wrong and the darkness held them captive. Your mission is drag them out and free them from within the darkness’ grasp. As the clock starts ticking you can hear the verses of the parchment that were uttered by the members of the last séance. The walls whisper the words of a secret and ancient language, from now on the game is not just a game, everything changes and the passage opens... So now your team has a problem to solve: get into the passage and come back to your own world within 60 minutes! If you can...

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