Escape room "Butcher's Burrow"

Company: Strike Escape Rooms

50 min.
Average Rating: 3.0 (1 review)
1300 787 453 22 The Promenade, King Street Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
You’ve been kidnapped and chained up. You can smell the fear in the room. How did this happen? Why did you end up here? There’s a severed hand on a plate. You might be next. Now is not the time to be afraid. Now is the time to make your escape.

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Reviews of escape game "Butcher's Burrow"

  • Went there in a group of girls for a bit of fun and to try the escape room. The actual escape room was very enjoyable and I would recommend to anyone with a persistance and a logical mind. However, having one of the girl's credit card handed out to a complete stranger that claimed to be the owner of it, with no proof of ID required and no form of contacting them to get it back, we were very displeased. All that was said to us was "it's unfortunate" and "yeah I'm sorry about that" with no sense of ownership or remorse, we started to worry how we would even get it back. It was a pink credit card given to a man that had left behind his blue one. Obviously this man would have realised it wasn't his, and yet he continued to walk out with it and even spent a sum of money on it in two separate transactions. He called later and said he would bring the card back asap, but after waiting nearly an hour and received no compensation for the money or hassle, let alone breach of privacy, the group of us complained even more. After having multiple conversations with staff, a round of drinks was finally offered to us and a few complimentary bowling passes. Coming out with a stack of free passes, it was obvious that giving away a few dozen was not a big deal, and in no way made up for the lack of security and care shown. After missing our booking for dinner, we left in peak hour traffic and had to sort things out for ourselves. We left our number with the company and they said they would notify us when the man came back with our card. Hours later, we called up this company and to our surprise, the card had been returned. The fact the owner of the card wasn't even called up to be notified was beyond appalling. After refusing to give us his number to alert the police of the stolen card and money spent, Strike Bowling decided they would pay back the amount spent. Meanwhile, this man could have taken photographs of this card and be using it online to shop for anything. To think that when we initially asked for the card that no proof of ID was required and that we could've just as easily taken someone else's was very poor. I would recommend this venue for the actual entertainment but certainly wouldn't return to this particular one due to such poor security over our private objects.

    Steph L