Escape room "In Memoriam"

Company: The Enigma Room

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (3 reviews)
0423 890 215 Suite 602, Level 6, 262 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW 2000
A woman in a coma. No name, no identity. Condition deteriorating, time running out. To save her, you and your team must travel deep into her consciousness and relive her memories. Experience the joys of her past, and you may just save her future. But be quick, otherwise you might find yourself as nothing but another memory...

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Reviews of escape game "In Memoriam"

  • This was our groups first room escape experience, and it was amazing! Puzzles that are challenging but not too difficult that you can't figure them out and hints system makes you have to work for the clue. The story behind the room added an extra touch and the staff are friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. Highly recommend. Can't wait to go back and try Dr Disaster room.

    Natalie Lombardo

  • Earlier today, I went to the Enigma Room and participated in 'In Memoriam'. Midway through, all effort in the quality of the game evaporated. I'll spare you the long details but here's what went wrong in order of severity: 1) The communication pad "had an error". Basically, the gamemasters give you a pad at the beginning that acts as both a timer and a way of communicating to ask for hints. We became stuck on a particularly overwhelmingly implemented challenge (see #2) and dinged for help. 6-7 minutes passed, no help arrived. It took me jumping up and down and waving at the camera to get a game runner to enter the room. Considering you only have 60 mins. in the game, this was a huge chunk of time and it also ruined the experience/immersion. Even once they arrived, they had to take the game pad, leave, come back, and then give us the clue. This took another 4 or so mins. 1/5th of our time in the adventure was wasted sitting around in a room with no aircon waiting. 2) The challenge we were stuck on involved a black light flashlight. The room the challenge took place in was FLOODED with afternoon sunlight. The flashlight did NOTHING to aid the challenge: it was a naturally dim blacklight flashlight up against the midday Aussie sun. Of COURSE we're going to need a clue. 3) Sub-par quality everywhere. Without giving anything away, one clue indicated the wrong area. The magnet was way too weak. The “old” thing was really a brand new thing that hipsters would totally not consider old at all. The coloured pencils were dollar store stubs that couldn’t color effectively.

    Elaine Harwell

  • The staff here were friendly, and incredibly friendly. The game itself was fantastic, the puzzles were challenging but incredibly fun. It was a great experience with 2 people, but I imagine would be just as fun with more

    Jordan Hearn