Escape room "Puzzle Tech Murder"

Company: Puzzled Room Escape

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.5 (2 reviews)
0411 440 035
You are an employee of the infamous IT corporation, the Puzzle Tech Enterprise. The prestigious 40 story high office building overlooks the entire CBD. It’s Thursday night and you are still staying late trying to finish the remaining task your reporting manager handed you 5 minutes before 5pm. It has been a long and quiet night since you weren’t aware there were anybody else left in the building. Suddenly the door behind you opens and a team of men in uniform storms in. Before you know it, you were slammed onto the ground and have handcuffs around your wrist. In a cold and uneasy voice, the man holding you down yelled, “This is the police. You are under arrest for the murder of Benjamin Pierce”. You are confused with the event happened in the last few seconds. It wasn’t me, you thought. Isn’t Benjamin Pierce the head of finance at Puzzle Tech? You are ushered into the room that Mr. Pierce was murdered where there are several more people being detained also. You recognise them as other Puzzle Tech employees. It is going to be a long night after all.

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Reviews of escape game "Puzzle Tech Murder"

  • My friend and I booked in to do one puzzle but ended up staying to do the second theme because we were having so much fun. I think 2 hours of puzzle games while you're there is the perfect amount of time :-)

    Natasha M

  • The Puzzle Room Escape is definitely worth your time! Maximum 6 people in the room at a time and just 1 hour to's pretty suspenseful!!! I have been twice now, we enjoyed the first time more than the second (mostly because we actually made it out the first time). The second time we went was for the Halloween special, but it was just so complicated and hard (or we were a bit slow...) that we didn't even get out of the first room! So we left feeling quite disappointed. Overall if you enjoy games like Cluedo, you will be sure to love this. It's cheap, fun and it's situated near some good restaurants and pubs for a bite/beverage afterwards. I highly recommend it!

    Teneille D