Escape room "Time Travellers Room"

Company: Escape Room Oz

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (4 reviews)
(0414)309 629 QLD 4551, Caloundra 51-55 Bulcock Street
Professor Harrison has been missing for weeks. Your friends want to see where he might be, and you decide to look in his workshop. The power keeps going out on campus and a place which could be the likely cause is the Professors Workshop. When you enter, you realise why. The machine in the middle of the room confirms your suspicions. But it wasn’t there the last time you all looked. What’s going on?? There’s something not quite right about the room?? Enter and see what awaits …..

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Reviews of escape game "Time Travellers Room"

  • First time doing a puzzle room. We went straight for the hardest room with just my mother and I. Had lots of fun (even though we didnt even make it half way through). The pressure really builds up during the last 15 minutes. Thanks to the team for making it a lovly experience.


  • Fantastic, we booked for our work Christmas party and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. It was challenging but not too difficult. Definitely great for team building.


  • Did the Time Travellers Room and loved it! Will definitely be back for a new room!


  • An awesome experience!! Just did the time travellers room requires lots of thinking skills and team work!! Defiantly recommend the escape room for lots of fun and something different