Escape room "The Coven"

Company: Escape 45

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

   +61 421 457 580
  253B Wyndham Street, Shepparton

500 Years ago a powerful and evil witch named Morgana walked the earth destroying everything in her path, that is until Merlin created a spell to bind her powers into 5 separate orbs. Merlin hid the orbs throughout time so that Morgana wouldn't be able to regain her powers. The people of earth have been safe.................... Until now.

Reviews on escape game "The Coven"

  • Absolutely loved it!!! I highly recommend it! So much fun and mystery! I will defiantly be going back again for the second room, so worth it!

    Amy Lavery

  • Great fun- Good idea with a group and for a bit of fun in Shepp! Best of luck with the business!

    Amanda-Jean White