Escape room "Indiana Jones. Journey to the Secret Chamber"

Company: Break the Code Plus

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.3 (3 reviews)
+61289577640 Level 1, 741 George Street Haymarket, NSW 2000, Australia.
Incredible stories were told about an ancient relic which possessed special powers that can change the entire world. The Meso clan buried it in an undisclosed location to avoid it from the hands of evil men. For 2000 years, countless warriors fought to obtain this rare treasure in order to rule the world. Fascinated by the stories, you set sail for this rare treasure. With the clues given, you stumbled upon the entrance of a hidden chamber…

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Reviews of escape game "Indiana Jones. Journey to the Secret Chamber"

  • Someone / a group of people have had a lot of fun setting up these rooms and we had a whole lot of fun trying to escape them, albeit without success within the 60 mins timeframe. We took on the challenge of the Indiana Jones room and I'm ashamed to say it got the better of us - we finished ten minutes outside of the allocated timeframe. It was challenging but not to the point of frustration, a great team building exercise that had us all talking about it for hours (and potentially days) afterwards. Close to Central Station and great ambience / attention to detail in the rooms. I am coming back to take on the other rooms for sure!

    Liz S

  • My and my friend had played the room Indiana Jones which we all enjoyed so much! I had booked the room online & we had wait for a few minutes for the room because they told us that the previous group had started late. Although we had wait for a while, but it shows that they had given the group all 60 minutes without a doubt! The staff is friendly and had told us the instruction for the game, which is really helpful for us all first time player. The rooms are amazing and incredible. We did not made it out in 60 minutes but my friends they said it is not just because some of the puzzles are challenging but we are all beginner. This is the kind of place we are sure that all of us will come back again and try another room, maybe Da Vinci or the virus one. The first thing I need to do now is to find more friends to go again!

    Blue F

  • I'm an avid Escape Room fan/devotee/addict and have done 12 rooms in Sydney, including three rooms at BreakTheCode (Avatar, Lost & Indiana Jones). Aesthetically, this outfit are very good with some pleasing decor touches. All rooms look the part and they have clearly dedicated a lot of time to this. The rooms captured the look & 'mostly' the feel but felt the atmosphere music could be tweaked/improved at times. All rooms state they can be completed with 8 people and I find this point incredibly irritating because they're clearly thinking about their bottom line and not the experience. I undertook Avatar with 7 people and everyone found it way too cosy = frustrating because we were bumping into one another. Space to one side, there is not enough for everyone to do puzzle wise. All rooms should be a max of x6 people and ideal number around 4-5 imo. To make an escape room work effectively, it needs to be fully immersive and capture all your senses. A considerable number of mishaps have taken place that have detracted from the experience greatly e.g. no blindfolds, no handcuffs, help button being only in the 1st room, being locked in rooms & the door release not working, torch lights not working, buttons falling off walls and my biggest pet hate...staff fully explaining puzzles at the beginning of the game & what/how to do them, huge mistake. The staff are all very pleasant but do come across a little lacklustre I find... Some puzzles are quite clever. The final one in Lost was excellent. However, I generally found a lot of the puzzles to be lacking with a fluid progression to them or a little lame e.g. last one of Indiana. This Escape Room has some great themed rooms and plenty of promise. Most of the above can be easily tweaked and some could be attributed to them just starting out but they need to up their game when you consider their competition. Break the Code is currently billed as the most expensive Escape Room in Sydney ($45), which is somewhat optimistic on their part. I would not pay full price, when elsewhere is cheaper & better. There is currently an online deal for $19 and this is more than reasonable for this Escape Room.

    Andy A