Escape room "Dr. M"

Company: Mission Sydney

80 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (4 reviews)
+61 2 8937 0205 Level 3, 332-336 Pitt St, Fortuna House, Sydney We are between Bathurst St and Liverpool St, a Vodafone shop is on our ground floor.

Dr. M is a renowned chemist. His son, on the other hand, only has eyes for astronomy. Undeterred, Dr. M tries to shape his son into a chemist as outstanding as himself. He imparts his heir with the totality of his knowledge while forcing him to take courses in chemistry. Eventually, his son can no longer handle the pressure and commits suicide to avoid a life he doesn’t want.

Since the loss of his son, Dr. M’s grasp on reality slips further and further until he starts experimenting on living people. Unfortunately for you and your friends, you’ve awoken in a room after a drug-induced coma and Dr. M is aiming to make you his next experiment…Dr.M will be back in 80 mins, can you guys escape the fate of becoming laboratory rats?

Success rate: 40 %

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