Escape room "VAMPIRE CASTLE"

Company: Mission Sydney

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.3 (3 reviews)
02 8937 0205 Level 3, 332-336 Pitt St, Fortuna House, Sydney We are between Bathurst St and Liverpool St, a Vodafone shop is on our ground floor.
It’s a stormy night when you and a friend stumble upon a gloomy castle. You intend to use it as cover from the rain, but after entering, the door behind you creaks closed and can’t be opened. Suddenly, you’re transported to the middle ages and the clock is ticking…can you guys solve the mystery and escape the supernatural castle? Recommended for first time players and family with young kids.

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Reviews of escape game "VAMPIRE CASTLE"

  • This was our very first mission room and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The puzzles were challenging, but not so hard you want to give up. We ended up needing to ask for a clue twice and finished just over the hour. It felt like 10 minutes though... Good service and support from the team too. Highly recommend this to do as a couple or with friends. We will be back to try the other room too!

    Lisa L

  • Completed this room with a team of 5 people. The setup was great and quite professional. The effects were great too. It was moderately challenging which made it enjoyable. We have done several escape rooms around Sydney and this one is quite good. It is a mechanical one which makes it a bit different from the others but there are still many puzzles to solve. Booking was easy and we got prompt responses for queries and confirmation. We did email to confirm if a team member with a broken foot could still participate and were told there was a chair in the room. Upon arrival, we were told there was no chair and the staff member tried to make our team member put on a blindfold and walk with crutches which was unnecessary. Understand it was part of the game, however some flexibility upfront would have been nice. Thankfully the staff member allowed her to not wear the blindfold eventually. There is no free parking nearby but it is right near Town Hall train station and they do provide lockers, water and crackers if you need it. Overall we had a great time, we might even return for Dr M.

    Stephanie N

  • Yesterday, I went with my cousin to the first scene; vampire. For the first time that we didn't experience a lot , we were stuck in the first room for 30 minutes But fortunately, we got some tips and got what to do. Highly recommend to go to try this mission room!!!. Hope the third scene will be on soon. A big thank you to the two stuff.