Escape game The Jewel Thief

Company: Escape Hunt

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5.0 / 5

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77 Russell St, West End, QLD, 4101, Australia ()

(07) 3217 2482

If you find the Australia Post, we’re directly underneath with entry via the underground carpark. We’re a short 10 minute walk from the South Brisbane train station on the Gold Coast / Beenleigh / Cleveland lines.

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The fate of the Brisbane Arts Theatre is on the line. Six invaluable pieces of jewellery that were on loan to the theatre for a recent show have been stolen and hidden in the prop maker’s studio.

The motive may not be as it seems. There are enough clues backstage of the theatre to recover the six pieces and decide what to do with the culprit. However, there is only 60 minutes before the jewelry company returns to collect their items.

Only your quick mind and sleuth skills will be able to locate the pieces and return them before all is lost.

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