Escape game Return to Thebes

Company: The One Room Escape

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9 Aristoc Rd Glen Waverley VIC 3150 ()


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After the ancient Egyptian capital was set in Thebes, many of the great Pharaohs were buried in there. In 1923, the world-catching Tutankhamun coffin chamber was opened, with those grave-digging hopefuls who covet precious treasure from mausoleums always ready to make a profit. However, with stalwart strength of the guardians, none have been able to make it through. With the death of the mausoleum’s evacuation specialist, this secret was resealed again. New curator, John, has researched the area for seven long years. Finally, he has chosen to send an invitation to an exploration team, but there are many tasks on the way. Come and join the team to see if you can unravel the mystery of “Return to Thebes”. The Egyptian-themed mystery of our escape room in Melbourne is waiting for you.

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