Escape game CIA Taskforce Online

Company: Entermission

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews



+61 2 92673873

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You wake up in a strange room. You look around and see the other members of your CIA investigative team who were recently assigned a mission to track down the infamous assassin named, "The Gamer."

He's known for toying with and disposing of those who attempt to catch him and has never failed to carry out his assignments. The Gamer is widely considered the most dangerous assassin alive as he considers his opponent's pawns that can be sacrificed in his game.

The last thing you remember is going to sleep the night before. When you awoke, you're stuck in a room with your team and a timer is counting down. What does that mean? Can you figure out where you are, why you're there and a way out before the clock hits zero? Will your team be the next pawn sacrificed?

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