Escape game Kingdom Besieged

Company: Expedition

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


9-11 Cope St Redfern NSW 2016 ()

(02) 9698 8161

Expedition Redfern is conveniently located approximately 180 metres from Redfern Train Station. Free 2 hour car parking, pending availability, in the car park located on Cope Street.

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Camelot Castle lay in disarray, battle has ensued within the kingdom walls. Having made a bargain with the Viking invaders the tyrannical King has fled the castle. Now leaderless and under siege, Camelot and its people are desperate for someone to seize command, unite the kingdom and repel the ruthless barbarians.

As the time draws nigh, will Excalibur remain set in stone or, will the kingdom be saved?

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