Escape game The Missing Professor

Company: Urban Mysteries Co

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

10+ reviews


25 Coromandel Pl, Adelaide SA 5000 ()

(08) 7100 9848

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"We’ve been contacted by Lucy Mortimer, the granddaughter of Robert Mortimer. Lucy received a cryptic message from her grandfather about an anomalous object and now she’s lost contact with him. Minutes ago, we received an alarm signal from Mortimer’s travel agency. Right after that, the power was cut and someone was seen running from the building. Your mission is to investigate the break-in, locate Mortimer, and secure the anomalous object. We need you to get into Professor Mortimer’s office and find out what happened!"

An Urban Mysteries Co Mystery Room is a lot like an escape room, you'll be gathering clues and solving puzzles as a team. Your ultimate objective in our rooms is to solve a mystery, rather than to 'escape the room'. Our main quest will have you piecing together information and unravelling the mystery of the room as you play, and if you finish the main quest before the 60 minute time runs out you'll get access to additional side quests that help to reveal more of the mystery.
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