Escape game Murder Hotel

Company: Breakout Bendigo


155A Lyttleton Terrace Bendigo VIC 3550 ()

+61 0418 591 597; +61 03 5441 2009

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It's 1893, all the buzz of the World’s Fair has hit Chicago, but oddly there’s been rumours of people never being seen again after visiting the new Hotel owned by the charismatic Dr. H. H. Holmes. ​
A local salesman has been reported missing by his family along with several visitors to the World's Fair. The last place they were seen was at the Hotel. ​
You’ve been sent to investigate the property and discover what the rumours are all about and the mystery of the missing people. ​
You have just one hour to unravel the truth about the MURDER HOTEL before Dr. Holmes comes after you!

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