Escape game Wizarding Wands

Company: Breakout Bendigo


155A Lyttleton Terrace Bendigo VIC 3550 ()

+61 0418 591 597; +61 03 5441 2009

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As Fresh new students, you and your wizard pals are attending a prestigious school of witchcraft and wizardry - The fantastic school of Abednigo!
Run by the old and wise headmaster Alterm Gritherpaw, this ancient school is home to many wondrous and mysterious secrets.
But alas, peace is cut short when the 4 master wands forever bonding Abednigo's houses together vanish, creating chaos and destruction until they are returned to their rightful homes!
You and your friends must venture into the forbidden castle, find and retrieve the wands to restore balance among your wizarding school and fellow houses! ​
Good luck, young wizards!

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