Escape game Curio

Company: Escape Rooms Canberra


2/22 Dundas Ct Phillip ACT 2606 ()

(02) 6281 5729

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The Enigma Theatre has had many lives, but none as spectacular... or peculiar, as the home of world-renowned magician Madame Rose and her resident act, the Disappearing Woman. She has performed the act hundreds of times, but still there are sceptics, and Madame Rose plans to silence them for good. Tonight is the night that Madame Rose debuts her new act, The Disappearing Audience!

You are Madame Roses' assistant, and as the show begins, you are locked under the stage with C.U.R.I.O., the machine that Madame Rose uses to power her illusions. You tried to warn her that the machine can't cope with an illusion of this magnitude; that if she goes through with the act 2000 audience members will disappear and not come back. She wouldn't listen, and now you must race against the clock to fix C.U.R.I.O. and make sure that The Disappearing Audience reappears.

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