Escape game Knights Templar

Company: Eclipse Escape


Level 1, 3240 Surfers Paradise Boulevard (Opposite Infinity), Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia, Queensland ()

+61 1300 290 090

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After saving a woman’s life, your team were hailed as heroes and instantly famous. As life was slowly returning to normal, you received a strange letter containing an internet cafe key card, and this note:
"Prove to us that you are truly worthy, and your rewards will be immeasurable."

Curiosity and the chance of a big payday, lure you all to the internet cafe as instructed. The room is empty, but you see a message on a computer screen - it’s a puzzle. Before you know it, you are on a quest to uncover the mysteries shrouding a religious order thought to be disbanded over 700 years ago. You are in the inner-sanctum of the Knights Templar...

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