Escape game Castiglione

Company: LOST Australia Station

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199 Grattan St Carlton VIC 3053 ()

(03) 8354 8610

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Ever since the famed Yuan Ming Yuan tragedy that took place in the 1860s, the 12 statues of the zodiac heads mysteriously vanished from the Imperial Summer Palace. You were informed that the statues were hidden in the hometown where Castiglione, the designer of the statues, resided.

There are rumors that Castiglione’s hidden castle is decorated with numerous treasures. Despite seeking the valuable zodiac statues, you must keep calm and utilize the other treasures in order to complete your final objective.

However, the bridge connecting to Castiglione’s castle is due to close within 60 minutes. Hence you only have 60 minutes to seek out the 12 zodiac statues and escape.


Crawling Involved

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