Escape game The Legend of 5 Holy Pearls

Company: The One Room Escape


9 Aristoc Rd Glen Waverley VIC 3150 ()


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In the ancient age, human beings, gods, and devils existed on Earth. Those sealed, dangerous devils have returned to the Earth once again to ruin everything. After many ages, human beings and gods defeated the devils at the cost of all the gods being turned into 5 holy pearls, which then went missing.

A talented young man, Shao Yuan, was taught by his master from a very young age. He learns skills from Ling Tian Pavilion, and receives the important mission of searching for the Holy Pearls with Susu.

At the same time, the god of fire, who was in charge of Shen Nong Tripod, is becoming more and more powerful. He, however, uses the tripod to produce evil poison for seducing and scourging human beings.

After a long search, Shao Yuan and Susu have found four holy pearls, before unexpectedly meeting someone in the water dungeon…

Come and join the team to see if you can unravel the mystery of “The Legend of 5 Holy Pearls”. The mystery of our escape room in Glen Waverley is waiting for you to unravel.

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