Escape game The Pub Heist

Company: Escape Hunt Perth

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5.0 / 5

2 reviews


U29A/36 The Piazza, South Terrace, Fremantle 6160 ()

+61 8 9336 6773

From the Fremantle ‘Cafe Strip’ we are located across from The Monk Brewery, in the Piazza. When you enter the Piazza, we are up the stairs located across from ‘Freo Icecream & Waffles’.

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Many years ago the owner of a famous Perth Pub stole some heavy gold bars from the Perth Mint. Only a few people know about this. It is rumoured that he has hidden the gold bars all around his pub.

You have broken into the pub and have one hour to find the gold before the new landlord (A legendary crook and only member of the Redback gang to never be prosecuted for the Great Mint Robbery) returns and catches you in the act.

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