Escape game The Collector

Company: Urban Mysteries Co

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

10+ reviews


25 Coromandel Pl, Adelaide SA 5000 ()

(08) 7100 9848

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Urban Mysteries Co

Rating: (5+ reviews)


"Something strange is happening on Main Street. We’ve had multiple reports of people going into The Collector’s Games Shop and never coming out. We sent an agent in to investigate and now they’ve disappeared too. Intel suggests that a powerful object is inside the building. We’re unsure what it looks like or what it’s capable of, but in the wrong hands, it is almost certainly dangerous. We need you to get into the shop, find out where our agent has gone, collect evidence, and retrieve the object."

An Urban Mysteries Co Mystery Room is a lot like an escape room, you'll be gathering clues and solving puzzles as a team. Your ultimate objective in our rooms is to solve a mystery, rather than to 'escape the room'. Our main quest will have you piecing together information and unravelling the mystery of the room as you play, and if you finish the main quest before the 60 minute time runs out you'll get access to additional side quests that help to reveal more of the mystery.
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