Escape game Seeking the Lost Chagama

Company: Arcadium

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5.0 / 5

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97 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill QLD 4000 ()


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We are currently seeking Adventurers to assist us in entering the Members' Lounge and investigating what we believe may have been a recent foray by our colleague, Joie, into the Realm of Fantasy. She was recently in the Lounge preparing a short history on the Adventurer Joe Benet called the Lost Chagama - when she was next encountered, she had been affected by the well-documented Zany Affliction, an affliction often affecting those that enter the Realm of Fantasy, leading us to believe that there must be a hidden portal to the Realm somewhere in the Members’ Lounge.

Joie is still suffering from some memory loss due to the Zany Affliction and therefore unable to remember if or where it may be located but we hope that you may be able to explore her notes and discover the way forward - and perhaps the legendary artefact of youth, the Lost Chagama, should you be successful!

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