Escape game The Haunting

Company: Escape This


48 Lake St Northbridge WA 6003 ()

(08) 6118 0286

Heart of Perth CBD

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In the heart of Northbridge something is wrong...

Something is VERY wrong!

For years rumours have circulated about an old heritage building on Lake Street. Dark tales discussed in hurried whispers as locals cast furtive glances at the building's brooding presence.

In the dead of night chilling sounds emanate from crumbling walls as an inexplicable mist hangs around basement vents. Few have first hand experience of the building's interior. Fewer still, with their minds now shattered, have managed to escape those corridors. It is their incoherent mumblings that enable us to build an incomplete picture of the terrors trapped within.

This could be the very last room you ever try to escape from .... Dare You Enter?

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