Escape game Bank Heist

Company: Social Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

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Level 1, 62 Wyndham Street Alexandria, NSW 2015 ()

+61 2 8007 3555

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Enter the mind of a criminal, as you prepare to take on the biggest bank heist of your career. The lucrative prize, a diamond of great wealth, sits within the bank vault waiting for you to release it.

The bank has been scouted and the path is now clear. Do you have the courage, the skills and the right team in order to follow through with this intricate plan?

Prepare to have your brains, skill and dexterity tested to the limit in this daring bank robbery, with safe cracking, computer hacking, lockpicking and sneaking through motion sensors in your pursuit of the treasure. Can you overcome the security systems, bypass the alarm and steal the diamond before the authorities arrive?

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