Escape game Bermuda Escape

Company: Mindshift Escape Rooms


246 Pulteney St Adelaide SA 5000 ()


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Today began like any other. You and your fellow flight crew were scheduled to complete a routine flight along the infamous North West Passage – home to the notorious Bermuda Triangle. Despite the eerie tales of deserted ships and aircraft vanishing without a trace, your flights have always been uneventful.

Until today…

You and your crew have woken up on a strange tiki island with no memory of how you got there. The mystery deepens as you discover evidence that others have been here before you. It seems they’ve left warnings that if you don’t escape within the hour, it could well be your last..!

Can you decode the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and return to your own dimension? Will time and space wait for you? Or will you vanish forever like so many before?


Recommended Players: 2-6 (standard format) | 7-12 (Team Swap format)

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