Escape game Gypsy Manor

Company: Mindshift Escape Rooms

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5.0 / 5

4 reviews


246 Pulteney St Adelaide SA 5000 ()


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Great Aunt Esmerelda was a strange and peculiar woman. Well known for practising ghostly rituals, and connecting with spirits on “the other side”, her ability to weave spells and magic won her many prizes and trophies. Having recently passed over to the other side herself, you discover, much to your surprise , that great Aunt Esmerelda has left you as her sole heir and beneficiary. However, it seems she was broke and you’ve inherited all of her debt!

Or have you?

In her will, great Aunt Esmerelda also left a cryptic note – a clue if you will – to a great fortune hidden within Gypsy Manor! To repay her debts and inherit all her riches, you’ll need to decode the note and discover the location of her secret treasure cache. There’s just one catch..! The note was enchanted with a powerful spell. You have one hour to solve it before every last cent disappears forever.

Can you locate the hidden fortune before the spell breaks? Or will you inherit great Aunt Esmerelda’s debts instead? Once the note has been read, there’s no going back!

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