Escape game Hunting Bigfoot

Company: Mindshift Escape Rooms


246 Pulteney St Adelaide SA 5000 ()


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In the deepest, darkest woods of North America, alleged sightings of Bigfoot are on the rise. The mysterious creature is only ever glimpsed at night, making this famously elusive beast hard to find – and even harder to capture!

You’ve joined a team of avid cryptozoologists to examine the area for clues that might lead you to the monster’s lair. A nearby cabin has been set up by C.H.A.S.E.R (the Cryptozoology Hunters Acquiring Sasquatch Evidence Regiment) to help you in your search.

Maybe… just maybe, you’ll piece the mystery together and catch Bigfoot unawares!

Dawn is closing in. With only 1 hour until the sun rises, will you find the Sasquatch before your time runs out? Or will the evasive creature simply disappear into the wilderness, like it has so many times before?

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