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Company: Puzzled Room Escape

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5.0 / 5

5+ reviews


5/1177 Logan Rd Holland Park West QLD 4121 ()

0411 440 035

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The search for a cure has driven mankind down an uncontrollable path of illegal experimentation...

Day in, day out, you see others of your own kind come and go within Dr. Irov's laboratory, with test subjects being randomly selected daily and taken into a mysterious room to never again return.

As test subjects, you know that you have been kept alive for the sole purpose of experimentation. You have lost hope and beginning to accept the fact that you will be trapped here for eternity. However, after coincidentally discovering that one of your fellow test subjects have managed to escape the laboratory reignites your desire for freedom, and you know that you must follow in their footsteps to make your one-way breakout.

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