Escape game Sherlock Holmes: London is Falling

Company: Lost Reality


1451 Albany Hwy, Cannington WA 6107 ()

+61 8 6119 4453

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The evil mastermind Moriarty, is back! The seemingly innocent letter that arrived in your mail today was full of hidden meanings and secrets, you know it was him because of the way the M’s were stylized – a classic Moriarty tell. While innocuous to the untrained eyes, it was a clear taunt from him.

He had assembled an Electromagnetic Waves Emitter somewhere hidden in his laboratory. Within an hour, the Emitter will start emitting waves that are capable of destabilizing the tracks and thus derailing all the trains. He wants to destroy the foundation of the city and watch it crumble unto itself. Moriarty’s mocking your abilities as a detective, and challenging you to stop his destructive plan.

Now, Sherlock, you must rise to the occasion and come to the rescue of innocent and unaware residents of the great city of London. You must break into his steampunk laboratory to find the Electromagnetic Waves Emitter before he can realize his plan. Beware! Professor Moriarty is a mastermind. Defeating him won’t be easy.

The fate of your city is in your hands.

Tick Tock, Sherlock!

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